“La Realidad nunca ha sido fácil, pero vale la pena llegar a ella. El viaje a la Realidad es una travesía al dolor, pero también a la esperanza”.

Subcomandante Marcos

“You take this book out of your pocket. You read. And if you manage to read it without anything being able to distract you from my writing, little by little you will feel that I inhabit you and you will resurrect me”.

Jean Cocteau

Moon love

One of my teenagehood first attemps…

“There’s no time for us

I told you once in a café,

You looked at me

While your dreams dispersed.

Don’t show me those sad eyes

Please forgive me with a smile

That lets me remember

Your happy style.

Tonight I will confess

I am deeply in love with another woman

But please don’t cry

Because it’s just the moon.

Moon love, moon love…

Love the moon…

Don’t show me that distant face

Please forgive me for my tears,

They will let you know

How sincere is my love.

There’s no time for us

I told you once in a café,

Will you wait for me until the time

I understand how far is the moon? 

Moon love, moon love…Love the moon”…

“No hay que ser tan duro con quienes piensas absolutamente diferente o porque sus ideas nos resultan absurdas, porque todos hemos cambiado de opinión y saber con respecto a cosas que tal vez no conocíamos o no dominábamos acabadamente tiempo atrás”.