It must be a book

After working for a long time at Marvlvs Library bar in Split, Croatia, I have seen how people enjoy listening to stories that took place at this bar. After seven years -and still counting- there have been many situations that I will never forget and that should be written down in order to be enjoyed and  forever remembered. Because of many strange, lovely and funny situations that happened at the Library Jazz Bar, I have decided to start writing those that I remember, but I also would like to invite those of you who have your own stories, to share them and I will choose some of those anecdotes to be included in what will probably end up as a very interesting and funny #book . Needless to say,  names will not be revealed if requested. Croatian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, and Italian are welcome if one of those is your mother tongue. Thank you so much and I will be waiting for at: